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Time & Action Plan

Our professional expatriate production and merchandising teams with their vast practical experience in manufacturing & merchandising combine forces to bring customers a professional, well managed, proactive time & action calendar for every order & style. This enables them to analyse and foresee potential problems and plan the necessary solutions in doing so, all issues are controlled and resolved before they become unmanageable. The customer remains well informed about the status of each & every order without having to ask.

Competitive Price

We are able to provide low prices due to many factors such as:

  • Strong network of vendors
  • Large buying power
  • Local action and world scope.
  • Local market knowledge.
  • Vast experience in each country.
  • Shared knowledge and permanent learning & working as a team.
  • Continuous market intelligence gathered by our specialized sourcing division which concentrates on continuously identifying and evaluating new vendors and prices.
  • The ability to assist to improve consumption and efficiency.
  • The ability to source raw materials at very favourable prices, production and technical expertise which enables breaking down costs to a minimum.
  • That’s why we have several production sites to enable us to always keep the best prices to our buyers by eliminating or minimizing the quota affect to costs.

Technical process

Our product development and production are supported by international technicians with deep knowledge about treatments and workmanships. They drive different kinds of garment dyed, treatments, special embroideries and many options of prints techniques.


European and Chinese technical personnel & experts are engaged in the group to ensure the timely and utmost quality of production. We ensures extensive quality control monitoring & control systems right from the raw materials, sample development, pre-production, pattern designing, cutting, sewing, ironing and finishing, bulk production to product packing, meeting and surpassing the required quality standards of customers.

Sales & Merchandising

We believe we are very competitive in the field of Sales & Merchandising, and as an experienced garments supplier, we know the significance of being best. For competitive prices, we make any number of counter samples requested by our buyer free of cost. Our sales & merchandising teams are highly experienced well skilled to fulfil our Buyer’s needs.

Product Management

The projects and sister concerns are managed by a group of qualified, professional and experienced personnel, mainly Italian. Our product manager comes from different background and they’re always oriented to propose the right collection to the buyers or the best solution to their specific request. They’re often around the world and they stay for long periods in our main locations in order to catch the trends and follow the same for each customer needs.