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Factory Profile

Number of floors: 02 floors

TTL Floor Space: 8,000 Sft.

No of Employees: 200 Persons

Generator (125 KVA Diesel) : 1 Sets

Sewing Machinery’s Details

No.Type of MachineNos. of M/CCountry of Origin
01 Over Lock (Ultra High Speed, 2Needle, 4 Thread) 32 Sets Taiwan (Siruba)
02 Flat Lock (High Speed, 3 Needle, 5 Thread,Top & Bottom Covering Cylinder bed) 08 Sets Taiwan (Siruba)
03 Flat Lock (High Speed, 3 Needle, 5 Thread,Top & Bottom Covering Flat bed) 08 Sets Taiwan (Siruba)
04 Flat Lock (High Speed, 3 Needle, 5 Thread, With Tape Binding Device Flat bed) 08 Sets Taiwan (Siruba)
05 Plain Machine ( High Speed) 32 Sets Taiwan (Siruba)
06 Button Hole 02 Sets Taiwan (Siruba)
07 Button Stitch (Programmable) 02 Sets Taiwan (Siruba)
08 Cloth Cutting Machine 02 Sets Japan (KM)
09 Rib Cutting 02 Sets Taiwan (Siruba)
10 Steam Iron with Vacuum Table 08 Sets Korea (N.G)
11 Boiler 01 Sets Korea

Production Capacity Per Month : Basic T-Shirts (2,40,000 PCS), Polo Shirts(90,000 PCS)

Production Items: Basic T – shirt, Polo shirt, Night dress, Pajama sets, Shorts, Tank top, Trousers, Ladies Dress, all kinds of knit items etc.

Knitting Machinery’s Details :

01 S/J 17" 24 68 1 SET FUKAHAMA TAIWAN
02 S/J 18" 24 72 1 SET FUKAHAMA TAIWAN
03 S/J 19"/20" 24 76 1 SET FUKAHAMA TAIWAN
04 S/J 21"/22" 24 84 1 SET FUKAHAMA TAIWAN
05 S/J 23"/24" 24 92 1 SET FUKAHAMA TAIWAN
06 S/J 25"/26" 24 100 1 SET FUKAHAMA TAIWAN
07 D/J 20" 18 40 1 SET FUKAHAMA TAIWAN

Available Fabrication: PK, Single / Double Lacoste, Lycra rib, Normal Rib (1 x 1 , 2 x 2, 2 x 1), Fleece, Design Interlock, Waffle and other Design.

Knitting Capacity per Month: 50,000 KGS

Quality Team

Our all processes and procedures are permanently monitored to guarantee quality of garments. The quality control starts from the purchase of yarn. Before bulk production starts, the yarn is first tested in our laboratory and then on sample fabrics production.

We try to monitor all knitting with our expert knitting quality, so that we can control the loop length, defaults and avoid yarn lot mixing. All Grey rolls are being inspected before storing them in our warehouse.

During the dyeing process, all dyed batches of fabrics are tested for color variation, GSM, Color fastness, Light fastness, Perspiration and Rubbing fastness in our own lab.

During the garments production, quality is being checked from the cutting of fabrics to the packing of garments. Quality is being checked from the cutting of fabrics to the packing of garments. Quality inspectors are checking the cutting patterns and the bundles of cut pieces. All sewing production is constantly being monitored in line, and we have a 100% checking system at end of each line. In the packing department we have inspector to the random checking of quality.

Further more to the regular quality control execution in every section, we have a separate audit team, who is checking permanently whether all the procedures are being followed accurately or not.

Code of Conduct

For the safety and social commitment to the worker, we employed 2 persons to ensure that the working conditions at our premises are according to human right, local laws, ILO conventions and our personal social engagements. Beliefs that the best person for the job should get the job and that a person gets paid based on his performance, without any kind of discrimination. No persons under the age of 18 are employed at the premises and our in-house doctor is examining all workers regularly. Every floor has two exits and all exits are kept open during the working hours. Adequate fire fighting equipments are placed through the entire floor and a fire fighting team is trained for a permanent basis to face the emergency. On every floor first aid is available. Enough drinking water facility is available for all workers in each floor and the water is being tested on a regular basis. All workers have the right to form their own welfare organization. And they have the right to meet the top managements for their right.